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Piretti Fine Putters

Milled Putters

Piretti Putters are the finest hand crafted custom milled putters on the market. Our milled putters are designed to smooth out your putting stroke by being heavier than traditional putters. Piretti Putters are also designed with less loft, improving accuracy and distance control on modern greens. For one-of-a-kind and prototype milled putters visit our workshop.

Piretti Performance Wedges

Piretti Performance Wedges bring the quality, craftsmanship and performance Piretti Putters are know for, to wedges in your bag. Made in the USA, these milled wedges are worthy of the Piretti name.


Piretti Merchandise

Hand Crafted Custom Milled Putters
What People Are Saying About Piretti Putters

Bought a Piretti putter in January and immediately put it in play. . .

I bought a Piretti putter in January and immediately put it in play.  I just wanted to let you know that since using the Piretti I have tried using my old putter just for kicks and it felt like an absolute hunk of junk, I hit two putts with it and tossed it right back in the car.  Since I’ve put your putter back in the bag I’ve been playing much better golf, and actually just won the Lake Region Yacht & Country Club Championship by 7 shots this past weekend.

~ Steven