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Free shipping to U.S.A. on all orders over $75

Putting Tip: Improve Your Short Range with Counter Balance Technology

Whether its nerves or poor mechanics, there’s nothing worse than not taking advantage of a great approach shot by missing ensuing putt. There’s no question that having a consistent “quiet” stroke is a key to making putts from short range and Counter Balance Technology can help.

Counter balancing a putter is achieved by adding weight to the grip end of the putter, ideally above the hands. The added weight makes it more difficult for your hands to take over the stroke and reduces the ability to steer” putts, allowing for a more consistent pendulum type of stroke.


As with conventional putters, a properly fitted Counter Balance putter is key. Beyond the typical loft and lie fitting parameters, it’s important to not only select the correct length, but also the correct weight. A Counter Balanced putter fitted correctly will be long enough to have an additional 2”-3” above the top hand to achieve a smooth and balanced feel. It’s also critical to add the correct weight in the grip end, which varies based on length, head weight, and desired feel.

All Piretti putters are available in Counter Balanced setups, with our standard length at 37”, a counter weight of 30 grams underneath the grip, and our Piretti 15” Midsize grip. If you want to improve your conversion rate from short range, schedule a custom fitting at your local Piretti reseller, try a virtual fitting, or schedule a fitting at our studio. The solution may be as simple as Counter Balance Technology!


Bill Craig

PGA Certified Professional

Piretti Fine Putters

One Reply to “Putting Tip: Improve Your Short Range with Counter Balance Technology”

  1. 8-10 layers of grip tape & a heavier grip, Ping Man Mid-Size Cord will to the same thing! 80gram grip! Piretti makes a putter that is 10xbetter than Cameron does! I’ll take a stock Piretti over a Circle T!

    Yes…..I said that.

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