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Traveling with the PGA Tour

There are many misconceptions about tour equipment and how that equipment ends up in the bags of PGA Tour players.  I thought I’d shed a little light on my experience out on the PGA Tour and what it takes to get our product in the bags of the best players in the world. As a manufacturer the PGA Tour allows us to be out on the putting green from Monday to Wednesday.  This is the time players plan and prepare for the upcoming week.  Many players make tweaks to their clubs to give them the best chance to be successful that week.


So where do we at Piretti Golf come in?  Our preparation starts the week before.  I try to bring putters that will not only perform the best for players that week, but also putters that are appealing to these golfers.  I try and bring putters that are a bit different from that of other manufacturers, but not so different that we don’t have a chance of getting some putters in play. I usually plan my travel to arrive around midday, Monday.  Monday is the day most players arrive, but it’s not usually very busy unless it’s a week of a major.  When I get to the course I try and put my bags of putters where players will be.  There are hot spots and dead spots on putting greens and you don’t want to waste a day in one of those dead spots because you won’t get much action.  I pull all my putters out of my bags and set them up around the bags in a way that hopefully grabs the attention of some players.  This is their office and as a courtesy I don’t approach players unless they show interest in my product.  This isn’t a place to “sell” your product and if the players feel you’re doing that it turns them off and they keep their distance.


Each week on the PGA Tour there are usually 20-30 players that may actually switch putters and more than half of those players are under contract so they aren’t allowed to change brands.  This leaves around 5-10 golfers I have a chance of picking up that week, but there are a lot of other putter companies out there too and that’s the challenge.  We are a small company and we don’t have a program to pay players to use our putters.  I can’t tell you how many times a player has picked up a Piretti, used it for 20-30 minutes on the putting green ask about what makes it different and then takes it to another manufacturer that will pay them for the week and has them try and duplicate what we’ve created.  As unfair as this sounds, it’s something that happens a lot out there and the players are there trying to make a living so how can you blame them for wanting to be paid?


So why spend the money on a flight, rental car, hotel, etc to be out there for a small chance to get a player that will “move the needle” and help sell putters? While we may not get a putter in play that week there are thousands of fans that come out during those days and also several people from the media that not only take pictures of the players, but also of the golf equipment that is there that week. These pictures are posted on several very popular golf equipment websites. Don’t let that fool you, though! We are out on the PGA Tour with the goal of getting the best players in the world to use our putters. Below you can check out our tour schedule for 2015.

Cadillac Championship     Miami, FL (March 5-8, 2015)

Arnold Palmer Invitational     Orlando, FL (March 19-22, 2015)

Valero Texas Open     San Antonio, TX (March 23-29, 2015)

Shell Houston Open     Houston, TX (March 30- April 5, 2015

Zurich Classic      New Orleans, LA (April 20-26, 2015)

The Players Championship     Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (May 5-10, 2015)

Wells Fargo Championship     Charlotte, NC (May 11-17, 2015)

Crown Plaza Invitational     Ft Worth, TX (May 18-24, 2015)

AT&T Byron Nelson Championship     Irving, TX (May 28-31, 2015)

Fedex St. Jude Classic     Memphis, TN (June 8-14, 2015)

Travelers Championship     Cromwell, CT (June 22-28, 2015)

John Deere Classic     Silvis, IL (July 6-12, 2015)

Bridgestone Invitational     Akron, OH (Aug 6-9, 2015)

Wyndham Championship     Greensboro, NC (Aug 17-23, 2015)

The Barclays     Edison, NJ (Aug 27-30, 2015)

2 Replies to “Traveling with the PGA Tour”

  1. Just bought a Cotton Wood II used. Ah man!…this is the felling I’ve been looking for since I started playing golf 38 years ago….the first putt I stroked…it was kinda like the first time I “saw” Amen Corner in person. It took golf and especially putting to a whole different level. Thanks. Jeff Hudson Lafayette, TN

  2. Do come to asia definitely many players who are keen on your putters for the grainy greens here

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