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What to Consider When Choosing Your Next Putter

Selecting the “right” putter can be confusing for any golfer.  Often Piretti customers and fans will ask for our professional opinion on the “right” putter for them, and it’s a complicated answer. So, we’ve put together some basic tips to help you choose your next putter. However, please know that selecting the right putter is very specific to your mechanics and putting stroke. The best recommendations will come in the way of getting fit for your putter. If you can’t get to one of our Piretti retailers, try our virtual fitting.


Select the putter that fits your stroke.

Putters are weighted differently to suit different types of stroke. If you have a conventional stroke like Tiger Woods and 90% of professional golfers, then you should be choosing a putter which has a medium amount of toe hang. The Potenza II is an example of a medium toe hang.


If, on the other hand you are trying to achieve a straight back and straight through stroke the best style of putter for you will be a face-balanced putter. The Teramo Putter and Savona Puttter are great examples.


To determine the amount of toe hang, balance the shaft of the putter on your index finger and look at the clubface: Is the clubface angled toward the ground, the toe hanging downward?


A face balanced putter is designed to stay as square to the putter path as possible through the stroke. Most people putt with an open-square-closed stroke where the putter moves on a slight arc. This is the most natural way to putt and putters with about 4:30 to hang are designed to work most effectively with this type of stroke.

Pick a Putter That Looks Good

The look of a putter is important. Here at Piretti, we believe that putters are a work of art, and what you find to be an attractive putter is personal preference.


Putting is as much about confidence as it is about style. Having a putter that looks good to you, and feels good is the goal.



Blade Putters

Try a blade if you like the look of a simple traditional putter. Some golfers believe this type of putter allows them to “feel” the ball.


Mallet Putters

Choose a mallet putter if you prefer the visual alignment aids they offer. Some have a series of line or circles that help you aim down the target line.


Center Shafted Putters


Modern center-shafted putters which are almost always face balanced are excellent if you’re trying to produce a straight-back, straight-through stroke. Choosing a putter like this rarely a poor choice, but it fits a very specific type of setup and stroke, which can be determined through a putter fitting or virtual fitting.


Go to the practice green and try all types of putters before you make a decision, or use the indoor putting green that some stores offer. Once you’ve found the style, visit to select your next putter.


Find the Right Putter Length

Although there is a standard length for conventional putters (men’s are 34-35 inches – 86-89cm, and women’s are 32-33 inches – 81-83cm), don’t be afraid of altering the length of your putter if you feel uncomfortable with it.


Piretti theory during the fitting process is specific in two aspects. 1. Your eyes are directly over the line of putt. This allows the golfer to see their line of putt undistorted. 2. After the player’s eyes are over the line of putt, we make sure the putter sits flat on the ground- this will also help with alignment. These two steps ensure the correct length and lie angle for the putter.


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