Piretti Signature Forged Irons Cavity Back


Limited Edition Forged Irons – Cavity Back
Sets include: 3-iron through Pitching Wedge

Inspired by the best players in the game, designed for golfers seeking maximum shot control with the traditional forged feel. The new Piretti Signature Forged Irons were designed with forgiveness and shotmaking in mind. Each club head is hand-ground to Piretti specifications for precision performance.

The Cavity Back Irons were developed with a more modern cavity blade to position the center of gravity lower providing increased launch and spin for forgiveness and control. These classic irons feature a rounded toe and slight mid-size frame, providing forgiveness and superior workability. All of the Piretti irons have a slightly rounded leading edge for less digging and precise turf performance.

The Signature Forged Iron heads are paired with the latest KBS shafts in a unique setup to achieve consistent ball striking throughout the set. Short irons (7-P) are built to traditional lengths, with the long irons (3-6) remaining at a constant 6-iron length, allowing for consistent contact in the longer irons resulting in higher, softer shots.

Each set is custom made and is currently a 4-6 week lead time for production. Please contact us with any questions.


Standard Club Specs                Loft                Length                 Lie       

3-iron                                                 20*                       37.5”                    62*

4-iron                                                 23*                       37.5”                    62*

5-iron                                                 26*                       37.5”                    62*

6-iron                                                 30*                       37.5”                    62*

7-iron                                                 34*                       37”                        63*

8-iron                                                 38*                       36.5”                    63.5*

9-iron                                                 42*                       36”                        64*

PW                                                      46*                       35.75”                  64*

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